Buffy The Musical – What You Feel chords

Song: What You Feel
from Joss Whedon's "Buffy the Musical"
tabbed by theta-waves

B     C#   Abm6   (C7)  Ebm   Bbm7b5   (Bb7)   Eb7

F#Why'd you run away?
Ab F7 B C#Don't you like my style?
Abm7 F#Why don't you come and play?
Bmaj7 Bm Eb7I guarantee a great big smile
I come from the imagination Em7b5 And I'm here strictly by your invocation
Abm Bb7 C#maj7So what do you say?
Abm Ebm AbmWhy don't we dance awhile?
AbmI'm the hottest swing
F# B C#m7 Bb7/D DI'm the twist and shout
Abm F#When you gotta sing,
B Eb7When you gotta let it out
You call me and I come a-running
E7I turn the music on; I bring the fun in
AbmNow, we're partying
That's what it's all about (riff) F#m
Abm C#m7 Eb7'Cuz I know, what you feel, girl
Abm A#m7 Eb7I know just what you feel, girl
DAWN (spoken) Oh, so you're like a good demon? Bringing the fun in? Sung: LORD OF THE DANCE (Laughs)
B7/D# Eb7 Baug Ab6All these melodies, they go on too long
Abm F# B Ebmaj7Then that energy starts to come on way too strong
Bbm7b5 Eb7All those hearts lay open; that must sting
E7Plus, some customers just die combusting
Abm C# F/C# Abm F# Abm stopThat's the penalty when life is but a song
Adim C#m AbmYou brought me down and doomed this town
C#m BSo, when we blow this scene,
A6 Abm F#maj7 Ebaug C#Back we will go to my kingdom below and you will be my queen
Abm C#m7 Eb7Cuz I know what you feel, girl
DAWN No, you see You and me Wouldn't be very regal LORD OF THE DANCE
Abm C#m7 Gaug I'll make it real, girl
DAWN What I mean I'm fifteen
EbSo, this queen thing's illegal
Bbm7b5/Ab Eb7/GI can bring whole cities to ruin
E7And still have time to get a soft-shoe in
Eb7Well, that's great
But I'm late
BaugAnd I'd hate to delay her
Bbm7b5/Ab Eb7/GSomething's cooking, I'm at the griddle
E7I bought Nero his very first fiddle
Eb7She'll get pissed
If I'm missed
EmSee, my sister's the Slayer...
Spoken: LORD OF THE DANCE The Slayer? DAWN Yuh-huh. LORD OF THE DANCE Find her. Tell her...tell her everything. Just get her here. I want to see the Slayer burn. Sung:
Abm C#6Now we're partying
Abm Ebm AbmThat's what it's all about
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