Building 429 – We Wont Be Shaken chords

We Won't We Shaken
Building 429

C#m A This world has nothing for me
E BThis life is not my own
C#m AI know you go before me
E BAnd I am not alone
C#m AThis mountain rises higher
E BThis way seems so unclear
C#m ABut I know that you go with me
E BAnd I will never fear
A BI will trust in you
E B Whatever will come my way
C#mThrough fire or pouring rain
AWe won't be shaken
ENo we won't be shaken
BWhatever tomorrow brings
C#mTogether we'll rise and sing
AThat we won't be shaken
EOooh Oh Oh
BOooh Oh Oh
C#mOooh Oh Oh
ANo we won't be shaken
You know my every longing You've heard my every prayer You've held me in my weakness Cause you are always there So I'll stand in full surrender It's your way and not my own My mind is set on nothing less Than you and you alone I will not be moved oh (3x) We will trust in you We will not be moved We will trust in you
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