Building 429 – Bring Me Back chords

Verse 1
GI remember when our time was always spent
C GDreaming of tomorrow, the way that it would be
We all had our hopes, we all made our plans
C D CSomewhere along the way we lost all clarity Nobody meant to change
D GWe never thought we’d end up this far way
G Am BmBring me back to the innocence of You
G Am BmBring me back to the first love I ever knew
Am7Back to the way that it was when I was young
D Am GI’m tired of the mess that I’ve become I want to see the world the way You do
GSo bring me back to You
Verse 2
G DAnd as the days go by, I wish I could stop time
C GCause my little boy and girl, their eyes are on the world
DAnd what they’ve yet to learn, and what they’ve yet to see
CAre the very things that jaded me and left me empty
D C D CI never meant to change I never meant to stray so far away
Repeat CHORUS Bridge
D Em C GOpen my eyes Lord and help me to see the plans that you have for me
D Em C DOpen my heart, fill it up, fill it up, And hold me, Lord hold me
Repeat Chorus
G Gmaj7/6 D Am7I remember when our time was always spent Dreaming of tomorrow
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