Built To Spill – Liar tab

The verses and chorus are all the same, C, G, Dmin and F

C        G             Dmin      F    
I would only be a liar
No I would only be a liar if I told you that
I would only be a liar

When things are all you think of
And plans are all you make
And thoughts are all you dream of
And falls are all you take
Look out, the world's destroyin' ya
Relax; it isn't fair
Mother Nature's disposition
She don't mind, she don't care
She don't mind, she don't care

Bridge Section

G        Amin
Passing over   

F           C
Passions grow old

Amin     Dmin
Passing everything

Not sure on the solo, pretty much in F major pentatonic/A minor pentatonic

Post-solo Melody

C G Dm F e|-------------------5-3-1-0-1-3-1------------------------------------|B|-1-5-3-1---5-3-1-3--------------------------------------------------|G|---------0----------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
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