Bullet For My Valentine – Last To Know tab

Bullet For My Valentine
Last To Know
Scream Aim Fire
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Dm -  xx0231
Bb -  x13331
F -   133211
C -   x32010
C/E - 032xxx
A -   x02220
Gm -  355333

Intro: Bb(hold)-A(hold)-Dm-C/E-F-GmDm--C-Bb-
Verse 1: Growl: Dm Pick up broken bones! where's your C sticks and stones!? Sing: Bb what'd you use to hurt me? Growl: Dm something you should know cannot take no more! C time to settle scores! Sing: feel the rage Bb that fuels me! Growl: i will not give up! Refrain: Dm hypocrisy from jealousy (Repeat) Bb-C- Chorus: Growl: C Dm watch you scream C now hold on to me! Dm your smile you're Bb triggering me! Sing: C Dm why do you stoop so low!? Bb Dm C F am i the last to know!? (Repeat) Post chorus: Dm--C-Bb- Verse 2: Growl: Dm where's your big mouth now!? C hope you're fucking proud! Sing: Bb do you like your bruises!? Growl: Dm now you make no sound! was your lesson learned!? C now the tables turn! Sing: Bb what were your intentions?! Growl: so come on down now break! (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Bridge: Bb Dm Am I The last to know Bb Dm Am I The last to know Guitar Solo: Bb--Dm-- x2 (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Outro: Bb(hold)-A(hold)-Dm-C/E-F-Gm-Dm(hold)
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