Bullet For My Valentine – Road To Nowhere chords ver. 2

Bm G A Tired and lonely still we stand
D AOn a road to nowhere
Bm G A Trapped in a world of endless days
D AMy engine's stalling (Road to nowhere)
Bm G A Body and mind are breaking down
D AOn a road to nowhere
Bm G A Destiny silent hear no sound
D AAs I wait forever
G A7Farewell I'll miss you
D Bm Bm BmI'm sick of these goodbyes
GCause it tore us apart right from the start
A7 I miss you
During the acoustic solo, the rhythm guitar plays the same chords as in the verse except without the D in the end. Verse 2:
Bm G Feelings have failed me
ALeft me cold On this road to nowhere
D A(Road to Nowhere)
Bm G Dreams are my saviors
ASave me now,
Cause I know I'm
D Afalling (Oh yes)
(Chorus) Bm, A, G Bridge:
Bm Candles burn slowly
Bm Bm BmFlames shine so brightly
Light in the darkness
Bm A G G ASave me from madness again
Bm Only the lonely
Bm Bm Bmcould possibly know me
Heat keeps on rising
Bm A G AFire engulfs me again
D AAnd it keeps on rising...
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