Burma Shave - Hippies tab

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Date: Tue, 06 Jan 1998 19:46:31 +0100
From: Jan-Albert van Ree 
Subject: TAB : "Hippies" by "Burma Shave"

Burma Shave - Hippies (from the album "Burma Shave")
By Sliver (javanree@gamers.org)

The song is in standard tuning. This is from a dutch band so I'm not
sure if you all can do something with it...

E  G  E  G (4 times)

E                                  G
I was walking down the road with a need to score
    E                         G
She looked real cute what I'm waiting for
        E                        G
Well it took me just a couple of hours
                E                    G
But then we got home and showered in flowers
            E                     G
Well you're looking at me and you ain't so bad
E                             G
Thinking about the peace that we could have had
E            G                 E             G
This doesn't seem to fit we're rebels with a clit

CHORUS (4 times)
B#        B     A             B
                    We're all hippies

Well I'm moving high I'm tripping low
I don't know what I'm talking about
But the feeling is right and it must be soul
A deeper sight makes the rebel lonely
Acid in vain makes the fun real phoney
When you gonna say love shines
Light up your face and I wanna
Try the peace of your love



I'm on my way back home
Ridin' out of the danger zone
Trippin' over everything that is high

SOLO (just play E G 16 times)

2nd CHORUS (4 times)
E                                                      G
We breathe and we breathe but we don't know what we're breathing
So I don't know what we're talking about

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