Burnside R L – Goin Down South tab

main riff: secondary riff:e-/-------------/ e-/-----------------/B-/-------------/ B-/-----------------/G-/-------------/ G-/-----------------/D-/-------------/ D-/-----5-5-----5-5-/A-/-7-7---5-----/ A-/-7-7-----7-7-----/E-/-0-0-7---7-5-/ E-/-----------------/ gtr.1 gtr.2
verse 1: it's bad ya know, when you have no fun and they try to step out on ya i had one like that and i heard those feet hit that bridge and that's when i told her i'm goin with you baby (5x) i'm gonna get away she said "what?!?" "what?!?" i told her again ya'll "what?!?" i'm goin with you baby (5x) i'm gonna get away get on now solo(gtr.2 continues secondary riff) play around with the e-penatonic (base E is on low-E fret 12) verse 2: i'm goin with you baby i'm gonna be there i'm goin with you baby she asked me "what?!?" i just told her don't worry baby i'm goin' with you baby look out jon! solo:same as above, but gtr.1 plays main riff underneath well well well
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