Det Som En Gang Var tab with lyrics by Burzum - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Burzum – Det Som En Gang Var tab

From the LP "Hvis lyset tar oss"
Tabbed by Board (Anders Pedersen):

Let me start of by saying that this tab is mostly done by listening to what the
keyboard plays, as it's very hard to actually hear what Varg is playing on the guitar
due to all the distortion, bad production and so on!

Riff A:|----------------------------||----------------------------||----------------------------||10------5-------8--------5--||8-------3-------6--------3--||----------------------------| Play a total of 2X
Riff B:|------------------------------------------||------------------13----11----------------||------8-----12----10----8-----------12----||10----6-----10----------------------10----||8-----------------------------------------||------------------------------------------| Play a total of 4X
Play riff A a total of 2X and end on the C chord Then some fuzzy guitar stuff comes that I can't quite figure out (except for it's in F) Tempo increases
________________ ________________Riff C: |1. |2.|------------------------------------| |----------------||------------------------------------| |----------------||------------------------------------| |----------------||------------------------------------| |----------------||3---3---5--6---5--3---3---5--8--6---| |4--4-----8---6--||1---1---3--4---3--1---1---3--6--4---| |2--2-----6---4--| Play a total of 8X (the first four times w/drum fill)
Riff E: (the best I could figure out)|-----------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------||3--3---3.-3-3--3---3--3-4--4---4.-4-4--4---4-4-||1--1---1.-1-1--1---1--1-1--1---1.-1-1--1---1-1-| Play a total of 4X
Riff F(keyboard):|---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||10-----------12------------------------||8------------10-----------11-----------||--------------------------9------------| Play a total of 4X
Guitar keeps on playing Riff E a total of 4X with Riff F on top. Play riff C a total of 8X (the first four times w/drum fill) Play riff E + F together a total of 14X Play riff C a total of 8X (the first four times w/drum fill) Play riff E + F together a total of 10X
Riff G: Guitar plays this on top of Riff F (maybe Riff E is played as well)|----------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------||10101010101010101212121212121212--------------------------------||--------------------------------11111111111111111111111111111111||----------------------------------------------------------------|(9th fret is only|--------------------------------99999999999999999999999999999999|added times 5 Play a total of 10X through 10)
Them two fuzzy riffs comes. I can't figure really figure them out, but I think they might be kind of similar to Riff E Then the divine riff comes (this is what the keyboard plays, I don't know if the guitar plays the same):
Riff H:|------------------------------| If the guitar plays the same, I think it's played 4 |------------------------------| times on each chord. 8 times on the C# and Bb.|------------------------------||5-------5-------6------3------||3---3---3---3---4------1------||----1-------1-----------------| (Play a total of 18X)Then the fuzzy stuff come again.Play riff H a total of 14X
Last Riff; Riff I: I think it goes like this|------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||---3------3-------------------||-----3------3-4--4---6-----4--||1------1------2--2---4-----2--| Play a total of approx 20X (the first 4X times without drums)FADE
This was the best I could come up with at the current moment, although I don't think it's entirely correct. As I started out by saying there's a lot of fuzz on the guitar, so It's hard to hear what's actually been played.
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