Bush – Wild Horses chords

Live Bush Version performed on The Tonight show with Jay Leno
Original Version: Rolling Stones
Written by: Jagger/Richards
Chorded by Adam McGillivray

Chords are shown where they should be played along with the lyrics.
If theres a space after the chord then there is usually 2 beats before
the vocals starts. Ive tried to make it as easy as possible but listen
to the recording if ive screwed something up or you cant figure it out.

*note 1: Gavin sings only the first half of the original Verse 2.
The second half would include the optional lyrics included below.
Chords Used G  320033
            Bm x24432
            C  032010
            D  xx0232
            Am 002210
            F  133211


[G]  [G]

----Verse 1----

[Bm] Childhood [G]living
[Bm] Its easy to [G]do
[Am] The things you [C]wanted [C][D]
[G] I bought them for [D]you
[Bm] Graceless [G]lady
[Bm] you know who I [G]am
[Am] You know I cant [C]let you [C][D]
[G] slide through my [D]hands

----First Chorus----

[Am] Wild [C]horses [C][D]
[G] couldnt [F]drag me aw[C]ay [C]

----Verse 2{note1}----

[Bm] I watched you [G]suffer
[Bm] a dull aching [G]pain
[Am] And now you de[C]cided [C][D]
[G] to show me the sa[D]me

{note1} Gavin did not finish this verse, here are the rest of
        the lyrics from Verse 2 of the original version of the song
|   [Bm] No sweeping [G]Exits                 |
|   [Bm] or offstage [G]lights                |
|   [Am] could make me feel [C]bitter [C][D]  |
| [G] or treat you un[D]kind |______________________________________________|
----Second Chorus---- [Am] Wild [C]horses [C][D] [G] couldnt [F]drag me aw[C]ay [C] [Am] wild wild wild [C]horses [C][D] [G] couldnt [F]drag me aw[C]ay ----Bridge---- -=Note** i cant figure out about 2 bars of the song here except for an F and a G chord [F] [G] ---Verse 3---- [Bm] I know I [G]dreamed you [Bm] a sin and a l[G]ie [Am] Well have my [C]freedom [C][D] [G] but I dont have much t[D]ime [Bm] And faith has been [G]broken [Bm] tears must be [G]cried [Am] Lets do some [C]living [C][D] [G] and after we d[D]ie ---Third Chorus/Ending--- [Am] Wild [C]horses [C][D] [G] couldnt [F]drag me aw[C]ay [C] [Am] Wild, wild, wild [C]horses [C][D]
[G] we will [F]ride them some D[C]ay [C][D][G]*Note* last line gets slower and slower and the last 3 chords are played very slowly
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