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From: "Bukowski" 
Subject: b/bush/warm_machine.crd
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 17:10:44 -0600

Title:  Warm Machine
By:     Bush
Album:  The Science of Things
Tab by: Adam Bukowski (th0zxb1@corn.cso.niu.edu)

Riff 1
Intro (accent the high strings in multiple strokes)

F E A De|--------------------------|----------------------------|B|--------------------------|---10-10-10-10----8-8-8-8---|G|--10-10-10-10----9-9-9-9--|----9--9--9--9----7-7-7-7---|D|--10-10-10-10----9-9-9-9--|----7--7--7--7----5-5-5-5---|A|---8--8--8--8----7-7-7-7--|----------------------------|E|--------------------------|----------------------------|
Verse (same rhythm and chords as intro) F E I memorize ... F E A D Making .... Same pattern for verses (You'll get the feel of it) Riff 2 Chorus
F E Ae|-------------------|--------|B|-------------------|--------|G|-------------------|--2-----|D|---4--X-X--2--X-X--|--2-----|A|---4--X-X--2--X-X--|--0-----|E|---2--X-X--0--X-X--|--------|
For the speaking part just hold the A-chord from chorus X --muted string Thats it Qestions+comments, email me at th0zxb1@corn.cso.niu.edu Thanks
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