Bush – 40 Miles From The Sun tab

Chords Used:

    Em7    D5/A     Cadd9/G     
    Em     Am

Intro: Em7 D5/A Cadd9/G Asus2 [play twice, then let guitar fall silent after Asus2 is strummed once] [Verse 1] Em D5/A There is nowhere left to hide there is nothing to be done__ Cadd9/G Am No people to be saved no pets we've never named Asus2 Em [fall silent before Verse 2] 40 miles from the sun [Verse 2] Em D5/A As darkness craves the mind we come undone without our pride Cadd9/G Am No time on earth to come all the pleasures just begun Asus2 Em 40 miles from the sun [Verse 3] Em D5/A In our coats beneath the layers Was my skin of all the hate__ Cadd9/G Am We should sleep late Everything just kind of grates Asus2 Em 40 miles from the sun [Verse 4] Em D5/A I need to lose to make it right I'll confront the stars tonight Cadd9/G Am I will babble I will bite You'll never know how much you shine Asus2 Em 40 miles from the sun
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