Bush – Alien tab ver. 2

From: OllieOne@aol.com
Group: Bush
Song: Alien
		| Michael R. Oliver |
when you download this song, print it out through the NOTEPAD on
windows or else it will come out funny.

This song is a really cool & mellow song written by Gavin Rossdale.
It is off the Sixteen Stone album.  If anyone has any information 
Bush touring New York area, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, e-mail me.  
here is the song. (this is the best i could do!)

Bass parts
in the song, there are many parts where the bass plays the main riff.
it is basically the same riff with a slight variation.

G |---------------------------------------------------------|D |---11-----9----7---9--7--2---4------4-----4-----4---4----|A |-0-----0-----0---0-------0---0---0-----0-----0----0---0--|E |---------------------------------------------------------|
G |---------------------------------------------------------|D |---11-----9----7---7---7--9--4----4---4---4--------------|A |-0-----0-----0---0---0----0--0--0---0---0----------------|E |---------------------------------------------------------|
**guitar will sometimes play the same thing as the bass is playing guitar ------ notations: v=vibrato s=let note or notes ring h=hammer on part A: ------- i'm pretty sure that this is the chorus
A |-----| G |-----| D |-----| B |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |--7--| |--4--| |--7--| |--5--| |--7--| |--4--| (the B could be a C-chord) |--7--| |--5--| |--5--| |--2--| |--5--| |--3--| |-----| |-----|
the chorus pretty much goes like that A-G-D-B progression ********************************************************************
Fill #1:--------this is played frequently in the song, if you listenyou will be able to here where.E |--------------------------|B |--------------------------|G |--------------------------| (play as many times as needed)D |--9h11--9h11--9h11--9h11--|A |--------------------------|E |--------------------------|
Fill #2:--------this part comes in at 1.50 in the song (after 1st chorus), and maybe some other parts, i don't know i didn't check.E |---------------------------------|B |-----5-----------5--------5------|(play as many times as needed)G |-----------7---------7--------7--|(improvise when needed)D |--7-----7-----7----7----7---7----|A |---------------------------------|E |---------------------------------|
Fill #3:--------this part comes in at about 2.05E |------------------------|B |------------------------|G |--9--9---7--------------| D |------------7--7--9h11--|A |------------------------|E |------------------------|
Fill #4:--------this part comes in at about 2.27, it is a gradual bend * ** E |-------------------|B |-------------------|G |--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7--| (close enough) D |-------------------|A |-------------------|E |-------------------|*=start gradual bend, bend up 1/2 step slowly**=finish of last note when you finally reach the 1/2 step bend
*********************************************************************** Fill #5: -------- starts at 3.01, then just play the octave slide again at about 3.11, 3.19, 3.26, and maybe at some other places that i missed
bend up a whole stepE |--------------------------------------------|B |--/\----------------------------------------|G |--9---7v---9---7--7--x--x--7/9--9--9--9/11--|D |---------------------x--x-------------------|A |---------------5--5--x--x--5/7--7--7--7/9---|E |--------------------------------------------|
************************************************************************ Part B: ------- this part comes at about 3.38
E |----------------------------------------------------------|B |----------------------------------------------------------|G |--5s-----5-----5-----5--5--7--5s-----5-----5-----5--5--7--| D |--5s-----5--2--5--2--5--5--7--5s-----5--2--5--2--5--5--7--|A |--3s-----3--2--3--2--3--3--5--3s-----3--2--3--2--3--3--5--|E |------------0-----0---------------------0-----0-----------|
E |--------------------------------------------|B |--------------------------------------------|G |--5-5-5-5-----------------------------------|D |--5-5-5-5-etc......-------------------------|A |--3-3-3-3-(play the c-chord a lot of times--|E |--------------------------------------------|
************************************************************************* there is an outro solo at the end of the song somewhere around 4 minutes into the song (give or take 20 seconds), i don't have time to figure it out, however, if you would like to write you own little solo for it (like i have) the below notes will work just really good for a solo. If you do it right, it could sound really great. The notes are in no particular order, just from high to low, work with it see what happens.
E |---------------------------------------------------------|B |---------------------------------------------------------|G |---------------------------------------------------------|D |------------------0--2--4--6--7--9--11--14--16--18--19---|A |----------0--2--4----------------------------------------|E |-0--2--4-------------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------------|B |---------------------------(7--8--10--12--14--15--17--19)-|G |--7--9--11--14--16--18--19--------------------------------|D |----------------------------------------------------------|A |----------------------------------------------------------|E |----------------------------------------------------------|
E |-(7--9--10--12--14--15--17--19)-|B |--------------------------------|G |--------------------------------|D |--------------------------------|A |--------------------------------|E |--------------------------------|
work with it p.s. the notes in the parenthesis, i don't use 'em, it sounds better if you don't but if you want to go ahead ************************************************************************** lyrics: ------- well the satelite comes and goes we give each other all we know in silence we still walk by the light of the stereo waltz and will you rain down in your cinematic love truck i want to hold you like nothing's going stop us she come to take me away it's all that i needed i don't breathe another lover flicker on the t.v. screen everything's more than it seems the mighty backward fall stare at the lights on the wall i swear to this she felt like velvet second blonde child she meant it she come to take me away it's all that i needed i don't breathe another lover i'm an alien you're and alien it's a beautiful rain beautiful rain beautiful rain ************************************************** there is probabaly tons of corrections to be made. Either E-Mail me or just make the changes. Any suggestions, comments, requests, THANK-YOU notes, or anything else, just e-mail me (OllieOne@aol.com). have fun with the song. don't forget, print it out on the NOTEPAD
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