Bush – Sound Of Winter chords

I can't believe no one has posted this yet so here it is. Play it how you want but 
I like to start it out on an 8 count per measure like the original song. Make it 
your own and HAVE FUN!

Em CMindstrong Body Strong
EmTry to find.... equilibrium
CHead Straight Screwed on
Screwed up.... for too long
Am C EmI don't want to lean on the waves
CI watch the storm evaporate
Am EmI think of you n the starry skies
CI keep you so alive...
Am GLets walk through the fire together
Em D CDisappear in the golden sands
Am EmIts all in your face I see you break
D CIts like the sound of winter
Am EmThe bleeding love The silent escape
D CYou've got to hang on to yourself
D EmIt's like the sound of winter
EmMedusa Smiles Judas lips
COpen arms.... fingertips
EmLove bites and recompense
CI'll be with you... until the end
And thats it!!!!! =)
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