Bush - Distant Voices tab

BAND: Bush
SONG: Distant Voices
CD: Razorblade Suitcase


<----------------------------------> The notes played where the line stretches are played a lot more than I wrote. Sorry but I just took an estimate, I didnt sit around and count how many times he playes one note.
In the Intro, a lot of open strings are played at random so just fool around with them. Verses:
Fool around with the open strings again. 1st Chorus: (clean)
-------------|-------------|-4--6--4--8--|-5--7--5--9--|-5--7--5--9--|-3--5--3--7--|When you switch between the first and the second and second to third,the amount of time you play the chords is the same. When you switch fromthe third to the fourth, make it a quicker switch.
2nd/3rd Chorus: (distorted) Play the same rhythm in the first chorus only end it like this:
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