Bush – Swallowed chords

CHORUS Guitar 1e|----------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------|G|-----------77777777-66666666-99999999---|D|--77777777-77777777-66666666-99999999---|A|--77777777-55555555-44444444-77777777---|E|--55555555------------------------------|
Verse: G# C# C Fm
G# C# C FmWarm sun feed me up and I’m
leery loaded up Loathing for a change and I slip some boil away Just wanted to be myself Hey you said you would love to try some Hey you said you would love to die some In the middle of a world on a fishhook You’re the wave Piss on self-esteem, forward busted knee Sick head blackened lungs And I’m simple selfish son Chorus: G# C C# Bbm
G# CSwallowed followed
C# BbmHeavy about everything but my love
Swallowed sorrowed I’m with everyone and yet not Swallowed borrowed Heavy about everything but my love Swallowed hollowed Sharp about everyone but yourself Got to get away from here I miss the one that I love a lot
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