Butterglory – Cactus tab

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From: Ben Freeman 

This is my tab for CACTUS by BUTTERGLORY off of their CRUMBLE lp on
Merge Records. It uses two guitars, here are both parts. I think that
they are both right; but my ear still relatively sucks so please forgive
errors; send any comments or "bug" fixes to me-
	Ben Freeman- toofless@eden.rutgers.edu


Strum the G major E shape bar chord (tab from low to high: 355433 )
and slide down to the F major E-shape bar chord (133211) then slide
back up, then down. Alternate in rhythm between these for the whole song.

"HARD" GUITAR PART: This is played over the EASY GUITAR PART
on a different track or by someone else if you have any friends. There
are 2 obviously identifiable sections, the CHORUS  which mirrors the vocals,
and the VERSE NOTES which actually accompany them.

(all instrumental)

Play: I - I - II - I

VERSE NOTES: (Vary slightly- all combinations of the below) (Accompany vocals)
VOCALS: 1 when the rainfall started you were on the road 2 you packed up everything and the rest was sold 3 and I saw you drivin through the rain 4 but it made no difference everything was the same 5 when you got to phoenix you found a hotel 6 you watched the sunset you were feeling swell 7 ** I can't decipher this lyric. Sorry. Your option! If you figure it out email me. 8.you were still smiling no one knew your dream
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