Buzzcocks – Love You More chords

Intro (F# - E)
F# EI'm in love again
F# EBeen like this before
F# EI'm in love again
F# EThis time's true I'm sure
B E F# E Don't wanna end up like no nine day wonder
B E F# EI've been hurt so many times before
B E F# ESo my darlin' I will never leave you
G# C# It's in my blood to always
F# ELove you more
F# ELove you more
It's my heart again That drives me so wild I just can't explain Although I'm not a child So why would I cry if you ever left me Maybe 'cause you're all I'm livin for With every heartbeat I want you madly It's in my blood to always Love you more Love you more Oh my love again What I say is true Though it may sound plain I love you And it means more to me than life can offer And if this isn't true love then I am sure That after this love there'll be no other Until the razor cuts.
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