Buzzcocks – Lipstick tab

buzzcocks song lipstick album singles going steady
pete shelley guitar and vocals
the first time i submitted this it was scrambled and i missed a chord
this is the whole song and its perfect
Brad tabbed this noone has tabbed this yet enjoy
standard tuning EADGBe


                                 A          B

---x--------------7----------| ---2-----------------7-------| ---2------4-------------7----| ---2------4------------------| ---0------2------------------| -----------------------------|
chorus E G A A# B F# G G# A A# B
----------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------| ---------2---3---4--------------2--3----4-----| ---2--5--2---3---4---4---5--6---2--3----4-----| ---2--5--0---1---2---4---5--6---0--1----2-----| ---0--3--------------2---3---4----------------|
solo play verse 2nd guitar its a little different
--------------------------------------------------| -----5-7-5-4-5-7-5-7-5-4-5-7-5----8-7-5-8-5-8-5---| --------------------------------------------------| --------------------------------------------------| --------------------------------------------------| --------------------------------------------------|
and end on an E chord guys if you can make your tabs simple and easy to read and try to get it how the artist plays it it would make things easier this is a buetiful song
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