Byrds - The Bells Of Rhymney tab

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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 10:34:52 -0500
Subject: TAB:  The Bells of Rhymney by the Byrds

This is how I play the song.  After listening to it since 1965, it was a
revelation to me (once I started to try to pick it up) how much the
dropped-D tuning adds to the Byrds arrangement.  Having the bass tuned
down to D too really puts a floor under the song!  The tab, of course,
is not perfect.  Corrections, additions, etc. always sought and welcome.


                            THE BELLS OF RHYMNEY
                        (Idris Davies & Pete Seeger)

as performed by The Byrds on their self-titled first LP
(Robyn Hitchcock does true-to-The-Byrds version)

- one guitar and bass drop low E to D (necessary)
- one 12-string (you know what brand) guitar would be great

opening riff:

(verse 1): D G D/F# E D(w/opening riff) Oh what will you give me say the sad bells of Rhymney C Em A Is there hope for the future say the brown bells of Merthyr D C Em A Who made the mine owner say the black bells of Rhonda D G D/F# E D(w/opening riff) And who killed the miner say the grim bells of Blaina (opening riff) (verse 2): D G D/F# E D(w/opening riff) Put vandals in court say the bells of Newport Bm C Em A All will be well if if if if if say the green bells of Cardiff D Bm G E Why so worried sisters why say the silver bells of Wye D G D/F# E D(w/opening riff) And what will you give me say the sad bells of Rhymney (break; also see note): / D / D / D / D / G / Em / Edim7 / Edim7 / (opening riff) (repeat first verse) (end): | opening riff | G / D / E / E / D / D / D / D / oh.....oh.....oh..........oh............. | opening riff | G / D / A / A / D / D / D / D / oh.....oh.....oh..........oh............. __________________________________________ note on break: If someone wants to post accurate tab for the break, please do. Meanwhile, what I do is improvise a bit around this. Most of it is strummed~~~~~~~~. I think Pete Seeger would approve of (any) liberties I've taken; I hope Roger McGuinn would, too.
D D D De|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------------------|B|-10~~~~~~~~~~~--|-12~~~~~~~~~~~~--|-10~~~~~~~~~~~~--|---12-10------------|G|-11~~~~~~~~~~~--|-11~~~~~~~~~~~~--|-11~~~~~~~~~~~~--|---------12--11-----|D|-12~~~~~~~~~~~--|-12~~~~~~~~~~~~--|-12~~~~~~~~~~~~--|----------------12--|A|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------------------|D|0---------------|0----------------|0----------------|0-------------------|
G Em Edim7 Edim7e|-7~~~~~~~~~~~--|--7~~~/12~~~~~~--|--3~~~~~~~~~~~~--|--3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--|B|-8~~~~~~~~~~~--|--8~~~/12~~~~~~--|--2~~~~~~~~~~~~--|--2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--|G|-7~~~~~~~~~~~--|--9~~~/12~~~~~~--|--3~~~~~~~~~~~~--|--3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--|D|---------------|-------14~~~~~~--|--2~~~~~~~~~~~~--|--2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--|A|---------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------------------|D|---------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------------------|
__________________________________________ some chords for the dropped-D guitar:
D G E D/F# Edim7 Em C A Bme|----3------x-------0-------2------3-------0-------0-------0-------2-----|B|----2------x-------0-------3------2-------0-------1-------2-------3-----|G|----3------x-------1-------2------3-------0-------0-------2-------4-----|D|----0------5-------2-------0------2-------2-------2-------2-------4-----|A|----0------5-------2-------0------x-------2-------3-------0-------2-----|D|----0------5-------2-------4------x-------2-------x-------x-------x-----|
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