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Subject: Things Will Be Better     The Byrds      Chords/Words

The Byrds   Things Will Be Better  written by  Chris Hillman
                                               Dallas Taylor

G                 D
Things will be better now
C            D         G
Don't ask me why don't ask me how
And both of us feel the same way
           C          D                 G
What we're feeling inside we just can't seem to say
Cause misunderstanding is the cause of it all
Take you to the top just to watch you fall
G                         D
Some time it's lonely and cold
            C        D       G
When you're so far away from home
Confusion can lead you astray
     C               D        G
It's just a terrible price to pay
I bought you some books I dressed you up real fine
Go and live your life just let me live mine

            Copyright @ 1973  Bar None Music Inc.(BMI)
            From the "Byrds" LP  Asylum Records 1973
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