Myths Made Plain chords with lyrics by Bad Books for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Bad Books – Myths Made Plain chords

[Verse 1]
A D GIf you're wondering how we landed here
A D GYou were watching the waves and drinking beer
A D BYou don't even remember standing up
ETruly, I don't either
[Verse 2]
A D GAt some point you waded to your waist
A D GAs you slipped further out the stakes were raised
A D BFinally you were surrounded, and for what?
EA water darker and deeper
[Chorus 1]
G AIn 1997 I became myself
D GAnd 20 minutes later I began to melt
G AThe cycle I get used to in the course of time
D GThe shifting definitions that comprise a life
G A DThe people I become and the people I don't recognize
[Verse 3]
A D GIf you're wondering who arranged the mess
A D GSome exceptions were made to grant, I guess
A D BWhile we all let the peak of the parade
EThe underbelly went lethal
[Chorus 2]
G AIn 2007 tried to build a bridge
D GBetween how I was living and how I could live
G AI tricked myself into thinking I'd done enough
D GOnce I got across I didn't blow it up
G A DYeah, I closed some lanes, all it really takes is one
E F# GOpening to tear apart all your works
D E F# GSo fine you are, delicate un-achieve all your half-philosophy
D E F# GStyle points, blind belief a whirling perpetuity
D E F# GThe ocean warm that knows you did the same before
[Chorus 3]
G ASo in 2017 we did away with facts
D GAll negotiation with a battle axe
G AThe gruesome ideology is center shame
D GAmerican identity was laid to waste
GWe're backlit and exposed
A B D ESugar stripped and it's made clean
GThe people I become
A DThe people I can't replicate
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