Bane's World – Stay Away From My Baby chords

Gm Bbm Am Cm

GmStay away from my baby
Bbm Even though her love may stray
Am7I never thought she'd mean this much
Cm7There's a difference between this lover and lust
GmStay away from my lady
Bbm7When she'€™s gone days are so hazy
Am Am7If she left I'd be oh-so lost
CmI'll keep her here whatever the cost
Cm D7 Dm7 Gm G7It's not like I'€™m a greedy boy at all
Cm7 D7 Gm7 GmIt's the flowers in your hair, the way she gives her stare
Gm Bbm Bbm7Stay away from my baby, even though her love may change
Am7I'll keep you here my dear, sweetheart
Cm7Never leave, please don't depart
GmStay away from my lady
BbmI could never leave such a lady
Am Am7Keep you here, my dear sweetheart
Cm7Never leave, never depart
[Outro] Gm7 Bbm7 Am7 Cm7
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