Bat Country – Corner Store chords

G  C  x4

*Increase tempo*
G  C  x4

[Verse 1]
G B Am GI have become unstuck in time. I am here now. Am I moving fast or slow?
G B Am GI feel relif that all my clocks don’t work. I am here now. In a minute I’ll go.
G BWhen solitude becomes you’re only friend and your only enemy is time.
Am GI got my mind on my money but I lost all my money so I guess I lost my mind.
G BMe and the Devil, we skip to the corner store where I tell her that I’m buying the beer.
Am GBut with a quick three swips, my credit card declines and our asses get kick out of here.
G BBut on these streets, the Devil is me. And I can feel myself getting antsy.
Am GI’m a Dr. Jeckyll so I think I gotta hide. I take off my glasses so I can’t see.
G BI don’t know if I’m sad or mad or glad. Or act too much like my dad.
Am GI don’t wanna think. i just wanna drink. I just wanna touch your idle hands.
G BOoh senorita. Tu es muy bonita. Por favor tenemos un bebe.
Am GElla dice si. She’s burning holes in me. But I’m the one about to get played.
[Verse 2]
G B Am G I’m in the crowd at some punk rock show. I am here now. And I’m all alone.
G B Am GI am an empty booth at some broken down bar. I am here now. I’m glued to my phone.
G BYes I wish I had a better car. Yes I wish I had a bigger house.
Am GYes I wish I was better at guitar. Yes I wish I was braver than mouse.
G BI’m sad that I had to go to jail. I’m sad if I have to go back.
Am GYou get mad when I write to myself. But you’re the one listening you think that I’m a fad.
G BI use you’re body. You use my mind.
Am GYou’re getting angrier all the time.
G BYou don’t wanna talk to me when you’re at you’re worst.
Am GYou don’t wanna talk to me ever.
GNot ever
[Instrumental] G C x4 [Verse 3]
G BI got 100 problems. You’re the worst.
Am GI’ll try to solve them but my head still hurts.
G BI got 200 problems. You disappear like before.
Am GI’ll try to numb them at my corner store.
G BI got 300 problems. You think it’s cool that I’m in a band.
Am GI’ll watch it go out-of-hand at the show, at Portugal the Man.
G BI got 400 problems. You like to cry.
Am GBut I don’t care. this shit's just d.i.y.
G BI got too many problems for a kid my age.
Am GMaybe I’ll leave them. Or become more enraged.
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