Benoit Jutras – Against The Moon chords


C Amthe moon is like an egg
C Amcrashing on the wall
F C Gand all around, it's the fog
C Am E Am GI would like to cut every single part
F G Cof my crazy bleeding heart
C Amturning on the light
C AmI see the shadows of the night
F C GI've got no angels by my side
C Amso please remember what we said
E Am GI'll never forget
F G Cour love will be forever
F Cnow I'm yelling against the moon
F Cthis bloody moon
F C Gwaiting for a kiss by an angel
F CI'm yelling against the moon
E Am Gthat tells me the way so blue
F GI can't help you, my friend
CI'm in love too
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