Better Oblivion Community Centre – Service Road chords

Am C Am C

Am CYou should really call your brother
Am C FSomeone put up a picture where he can't stand
CWas holding onto the table
GProbably throwing darts or playing cards
Something that he lost made him so mad
Am CAlways said it didn’t matter
Am C FWith a pile of filthy coins clenched in his hands
CAsking strangers to forgive him
GBut he never told him what it is
He did to them that made him feel so bad
F C GSay what you mean and say it now
F C G Don't state your name, that doesn't count
Am CWho are you?
Am CWho are you?
DLooking for?
Am CThought that he was doing better
Am C FA notice, final eviction, he just laughed
CAlways had a sense of humor
G still joked until the bitter end
While all those steps he made can’t walk them back
Am CIn and out of indecision
Am C FIn and out of any options he once had
C GFarewell, so long
'Til the trouble that you made and hate is gone
F C GSay what you mean and say it now
F C GDon't throw a fit, quit acting out
Am CWho are you?
Am CWho are you-
D (F) holdWaiting for?
C FJust go out into the falling snow
C FJust go toward the light in the skylight
C FJust go past the trucks on the service road
C F (Hold F until end)Just go until you feel different
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