Bill Callahan – Black Dog On The Beach chords

A Fm E B7 EA black dog followed me
D Dbm7 A7We chased the seagulls in the sky
B7 E7And the shadows on the sand
A FmWell, if Dad was in the Navy
E B7 EI'll be a riverboat gambling man
D7Not counting the buffet
B7 EI’d walk with a thousand dollars a day
D7Oh, Dad always said
B7If he could have he would have loved to live
E E7this way
A Fm E B7 ESick and lonesome and in need
D7 B7 EOf discipline and company
D7 B7 E E7The discipline of company
A BmWell, I guess I can describe it best
As the year the lion left the family crest
A BmAnd we made a crown out of the space that
Dwas left
[Outro] E E7 A
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