Bill Callahan – The Ballad Of The Hulk chords

[Intro]F Ge|-------------------------------------------|B|------1----1--1--1--1--1----3---3---3-3-3--|G|--0h2-2----0--2--0--2--0----0---0---0-0-0--|D|------3----3--3--3--3--2----0---0---0-0-0--|A|----------------------------2---2---2-2-2--| x2E|----------------------------3---3---3-3-3--|
[Verse 1]
F G Well, I've been looking back
F G At the old ways
F G Over my shoulders
F G F G Like salt or sugar
F G Well, I'm just talking about the old days
F G F G F G Groundwork for footwork
F G Well, after this next song we'll be moving along
F G F G Out of this vein
F C It's called "The Ballad of the Hulk"
F G You know I used to share a tailor
F G With David Bruce Banner
F G That's the Hulk
Am DTraveling jackets and traveling bags
F#min GFuture rags
Am D G And shoes good for walking highways
Am D G But never quite far enough away
F Am G DTo see how good and easy it could be
F AmIf I just got angry
F AmBut I never got angry
DMaybe I should have
F DI could have cleared some things away
F CIn those old Bill Bixby days
[Verse 2]
C A master of reiki
E Waved his hands over me
F GAnd said I eat too much steak
CAnd hold on too long to ancient aches
GAnd both are so hard
COn my heart
E FOh, I try to be a good person
E FI wonder if it's annoying
FOr worth pursuing
FmAnd pursuing
FAnd pursuing
DDown highways
D At the risk of the road
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