Billy Cobb – The Shell Shack chords


E|-------------------------------|B|-----6-------6~~----6----------|G|-------5---5----------5-----6~~|D|---6--------------6------------| x2A|-4-------6------3---------5----|E|------------------------8------|
Db Eb [Verse 1]
Ab Fm Bbm We're forgetting something smart
Eb Cm No more songs of broken hearts
Fm I just wanna forget
Db Eb And play my guitar
Ab Fm Bbm We've been sledding on the beach
Eb Cm Now our friends are out of reach
Fm Trapped in corduroy jeans
Db Eb We sail so slowly
Db EbWhen I go
Cm FmSend me quickly
Db EbWe don't need no weights
[Solo 1] Guitar 1: Ab Fm Bbm Eb Cm Fm Db Eb
[Verse 2]
Ab Fm Bbm Tell me what you think of me
Eb Cm Words slip out so easily
Fm Just remember the things
Db Eb That I've provided
Ab Fm Bbm We've been distant way too long
Eb Cm Distance writes a pretty song
Fm One that catches your ears
Db Eb And makes you feel wrong
Db EbWhen I go
Cm FmSend me quickly
Db EbWe don't need no weights
[Solo 2]
[Bridge]Guitar 1:E|-------------------------------|B|-----6-------6~~----6----------|G|-------5---5----------5-----6~~| x3D|---6--------------6------------|A|-4-------6------3---------5----|E|------------------------8------|
Guitar 2:
Db EbWhen I go
Cm FmSend me quickly
Guitars 1&2:
Db EbWe don't need no weights
Cm Fm Db Eb [Verse]
Ab Fm Bbm We forget so easily
Eb Cm Just what makes us human beings
Fm I'm not asking for
Db Eb World domination
[Outro] Guitar 1: Ab Fm Bbm Eb Cm Fm Db Eb Guitar 2:
Ab x2 G/Ab Fm Db Eb Ab ************************************ | ~ Sustain | p Pull-off | h Hammer-on | b Bend ************************************
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