Bishop Art Gonzales – I'm Yours Forever chords

F C G x2

C GYou cleanse me by Your blood
F CYou took away my sins
F C F CI am Yours forever, Yours forever
C GYou took me by Your hand
F CFrom the miry Clay
F C F GI am Yours forever. Yours forever
F CYou have change my life
F CAnd lead me to Your will
F C/EFilled me with Your love
Dm7 GI am Yours
F C GI am Yours forevermore
F C GRedeemed by Your precious Blood
F C/ELet Your glory shine through me
Am7 Gas You lead me everyday
F C GUse me more oh Lord I pray
F C GLet them feel Your awesome love
F C/ELet them see Your glory
F C/EAnd forever You will be my God
F GI am Yours forevermore
Am7 G CYours forevermore my God
[Instrumental] Am7 G F [Bridge]
Am7 G FI am Yours forever, I am Yours
Am7 G F GYou are mine forever, Lord You are mine
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