Near Dt Mi chords with lyrics by black midi - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

black midi – Near Dt Mi chords

A7 A
A7 G/A

A He sleeps alone
Gm He drinks alone
A Outside
Gm His home
Gm G A# [Verse]
GmThey're loving the water, they breathe in the water
GThey fight in the water, they fix the water
A#What's in the water? Here in the water
DmAnd I see you hide
GmI'm alive and I can see
The water is foul and it's hard to breathe
GThere's lead in the water, there's lead in the water
There's lead in the water and you think that I'm fine
A#I'm stained by the water and only the water
I'm drained by the water, are you losing your mind?
DmDead in the water, dead in the water
[Outro] D
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