Bo Harwood – Rainy Fields Of Frost And Magic chords

F AmRainy fields of frost and magic,
DmMorning dew,
C A# GIn late afternoon,
CAlone I sit for a moment,
F AmLost in thought from winds of the moon,
DmAnd the twilight skies,
C A# GBring silent cries,
CAs tonight's moon rise,
CA fills up my eyes,
F AmI think I'll step inside to build a fire,
DmHang up my coat and gloves,
C A# GLoving all change,
CWinter desires.
F AmTo be one with the lady I love,
DmAnd the amber light,
C A# Gfrom the cavern side,
COutside tonight,
F AmJust a moment of peace, just me without you,
DmAn understanding that we share,
C A# GKnowing this,
CWe have things we must do
F AmAnd still knowing this, we really care
DmAnd when the time is right,
C A# GOoh it's honest mind,
CSo comfortably blind,
CA warns our night
F AmRainy fields of frost and magic,
DmBlowing through thought,
C A# GThat I just had,
C'Tis the place I seen,
C(I'll) often visit,
F Am'Morrow's distant land,
DmAnd sun shines through,
C A# GWhen I look at you,
CAnd all the things that you do,
CMakes the day so new
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