Being A Mockingbird chords with lyrics by Bobby Long - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bobby Long – Being A Mockingbird chords

Eb Eb Ab Ab Eb Bb Eb Ab Eb Bb Eb

[Verse 1]
Bb Eb Ab When the night it rests like a hammerblow
Eb Bb Bb7and breaks the morning it brings
Eb AbFor the mad men are down on the crypt floor
Eb Bb Ebsleeping through their favours and sins
Ab EbWell I trained myself to be hardened
Ab Eb Bband I greet the bird like the day
Eb G CmWell I soared to greet lusty gamblings
Ab Bband drenched myself in the dusk where they lay
Bb7 Bb [Verse 2]
Eb AbOh, I exchanged the dark for the darkness
Eb Bband I hung the belt from the wing
Eb AbSo the traitors may part with their malice
Eb Bb Ebbut I'll remember everything
Ab EbSo I stood up and danced round the heckles
Ab Bband I planted the leaf from the book
Eb G CmWell I admit I love my romances
Ab Bbthe blackbird, the wren, the rook
[Solo] Bb7 Eb Ab Eb Bb Eb Ab Eb Bb Eb [Verse 3]
Eb AbFor the church house won't part with the coffins
Eb Bb Bb7but the docks they whittle their ships
Eb AbUntil the pleasure the feast and the memory
Eb Bb Eb Eb7 Eband the soar of kissing her lips
Ab EbWell I gave myself to the dawning,
Ab C Bbof the morning bird in first flight
Eb G Cm AbWell I'm sure I ran the road of the pauper
Bb AbI lost it all in the night
BbI lost it all in the night
Bb7 Bb Eb Ab Eb Bb Cm Eb
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