Bon Iver – Holyfields chords

E5 Esus4add9

[Verse 1]
Danger been stepping in
Eadd9I'm happy as I ever been
Eadd9 F#m7Couldn't tell ya what the cadence is
F#m7 C#m7 B E5It's folded in the evidences
[Verse 2]
Esus4add9 BSo you wanna leave a mark?
B C#m7You're honing in on Meadow Park?
C#m7 F#m7I heard you guys are very safe
F#m7Caught up with the featherweights
C#mThe dawn is rising
Esus4The land ain't rising
E C#mNo, no, no
F#m7Flash hope
EPass the throw
E5 E B E [Verse 3]
EComing in very late
F#m9Just above our pay grades
F#m9You ask me not to pull alarms
Esus4add11 We have to act our ages [Chorus]
C#m7The dawn is rising
Esus4add11 But the land ain't rising
E G#m7No, no, no
ACatch up
A EYou wanna go the fast way?
E Esus4add11 E5 [Bridge]
Esus4 Em Esus2Bonded weights
EmDon't favor them
Em7 G#m7If it's all that you don't do
Esus4add11 It's lacerate
Esus4 BBetter let them pass away
Esus4 BStay, go?
B C#m7Better that you find a new way
A EBefore my eyes
E C#m7Couldn't learn it any other way
A EBy the way
E Esus4add11 Aadd9
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