Bon Iver – 8 Circle chords

F#m D A A 
D A E F#m

[Verse 1]
D A E E Philosophize your figure
F#m D A A What I have and haven't held
D A E You called and I came, stand tall through it all
F#m D A Fall and fixture just the same thing
[Verse 2]
D A E E Say nothing of my fable, no
F#m D A A What on earth is left to come
D A E Who's agonized and gnawed through it all
F#m D A I'm underneath your tongue
[Verse 3]
D A E E I'm standing in your street now, no
F#m D A A And I carry his guitar
D A E And I can't recall it lightly at all
F#m D A But I know I'm going in
[Verse 4]
D A E E Too much for me to pick up, no
F#m D A A Not sure what forgiveness is
D A E We've galvanized the squall of it all
F#m D A I can leave behind the harbour
[Chorus 1]
D F#m EI will run (all around it)
D F#m EHave to crawl (still can't stop it)
DAlong the fires
F#mOne more time just pass me by
EImma make it half the night
DHall night wishes
[Verse 5]
D A E E To walk aside your favor
F#m D A A I'm an Astuary King
D A E I'll keep in a cave, your comfort and all
F#m D A Unburdened and becoming
[Chorus 2]
D F#m EI will run Sealing off and on, you're on your honour
D F#m EHave to crawl, still can't Carry off and up your seize
D F#mI will run Carry up love along unfettered time
E DNow Mona Now Mona
[Chorus 3]
D F#m EHaven't I locked up my faliure Sailing off and ore your odd From core to the sky
D F#m EWouldn't I be last to see Carry off and up your seize From the door till we die
D F#mDeny with love my labour Carry off, off and on
E F#mAtonements defined We live outside
DKeep waking up high
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