Shade chords with lyrics by Boston Manor - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Boston Manor – Shade chords


Cm Eb Ab x2 Cm Eb Ab Cm Bb Ab x2


Cm Ab CmI remember the day you discovered your shadow
Eb AbYou were in the back garden by the apple tree
Cm Eb Ab Cm Bb Ab
Cm Bb AbWhat's your favorite color, what songs do you like?
Cm Eb Bb AbWhat makes you angry, and what makes you cry?
CmYou know that I mean well
Bb Ab EbBut I missed your call and I forgot to return it
Ab CmYou gave me your love, even though I've not earned it
Bb AbBecause you're good to me and I deserve to see
CmHow it makes you feel when I always leave
Eb AbI hope that you miss me
CmThere will be time someday
Cm EbApologize, I'll compromise
BbAvoid my eyes
Ab CmI'd rather go back into your shade
Eb BbBut I'll miss your progress
Ab CmFrom the mess that I made
Eb Ab CmTell mum I'm alright, and tell dad I'm okay
Bb CmDid you get the last card I sent on your birthday?
B BbI wish that we were closer
Ab Cm EbI wish that you had known me when I was younger
Bb AbAnd understood the choices that I've made
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