Brad Goodall – Casa De Mel chords

[Intro] Ge|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|------0-0-------0-0----5-4-------0-0-------0-0----5-4---5-p4--2-|D|--0-h2------0-h2-------------0-h2------0-h2---------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
[Verse 1]
G Check out the shag
A Imported from Spain
A# D# G I heard his daddy gave a million dollars to the campaign
[Verse 2]
G The view ain't half bad
A Yes, the Steinway's white
A# D# G You can see all the way to Pelham Bay at night
[Verse 3]
G I slip on his loafers
A Armani in black
A# D# G He told me I could stay til May as long as I feed the cat
[Verse 4]
G I make it to the bedroom
A With Miss Mandy No Bra
A# D# G Half an hour later we're critiquing the Picasso on the wall
C G A G He's on the redeye to Tokyo
C G A G How could it hurt him if he doesn't know?
C G A G It's easy to feel a little overwhelmed
C F G Yes, I'm fending for myself a Casa De Mel
[Verse 5]
G Check out the sauna
A Steamy 'n bliss
A# D# G I hit a button and now the display reads in celsius
[Verse 6]
G Tea on the balcony
A Avocado toast
A# D# G He's got the Jordan, the Magic, the Babe and the DiMaggio
C G A G He's on the redeye to Tokyo
C G A G She's a lingerie model from Toronto
C G A G You need another drink baby, I can tell
C F G Yes, I'm living far too well at Casa De Mel
[Solo] G C G A A# D#
G A A# D# G(Oh, I love watching you baby)
D# A# F It's the kind of life I could get used to
D# A# F I always saw myself a penthouse guy
D# A# F If only it didn't make me a user
D# C F D G G#m Am A# Bm C I'm sure I could go on living the lie
G CYes, I'm living far too well
G CYes, I'm living far too well
G CYes, I'm living far too well
G (intro tab) At the Casa De Mel
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