Bradley Stone – Water Into Wine chords

CI saw her changing
GThrough my window
Am FThen she caught me staring
G FAnd just waved hello
CNext thing that I knew
GShe's at my door
C GKissing me gently
F CAgainst the wall
G COoooooh
G COoooooh
E C FOoooooh
CDa da da...
F CNow I buy her flowers
GAnd other pretty things
C Am GBut she thinks they're silly...
FSo I hide the ring
CHow can I have her
GLike water into wine
CShe slips through my fingers
F C FOh she was never mine
G COoooooh
F7 COoooooh
G C GOoooooh
CDa da da...
CDon't be too late dear
CI want your mess
G CMy heart will speak softly
C F C F CTo your ear against my chest
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