Bridget St. John – City Crazy chords

Amaj7 E7
Amaj7 E7


Amaj7I'm a little city-crazy
E7 EIt is getting out of hand
Amaj7I need to change my rhythmn
E7 EFor the rhythmns of the land
Amaj7Living in the city's grip
E7 EI feel I lose control
Amaj7As she reaches for my body
D E7 EShe is hoping for my soul
Amaj7There's a wilderness of buildings
E7 EThat are swallowing the ground
Amaj7They tie us to their chaos
E7 EAnd they try to drag us down
Amaj7People chasing hours
E7 ECannot laugh away the years
Amaj7I'm bewildered by the city
D E7 EFor she turns my fun to fear
Amaj7I am tired of rushing nowhere
E7 EI've been dusty far too long
Amaj7I need to leave and go
E7 EWhere I can feel that I belong
Amaj7I need to sleep on shingle
E7 EYes I wish to stand in sand
Amaj7To move in time to tides and winds
D E7 EAnd things I understand
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