Bumpin Uglies – White Boy Reggae chords

Dm A# G A# A

DmJust another suburban stereotype
I've got the love for the rhythms And the Grooves to Spite That I'm not from the islands
DmI'm the palest of white
I'm putting the reggae roots together For the words that I write
A#But I can't relate to a struggle that I've never seen
GI can't praise a god that I don't believe in
A#You might think that i've been lying when it comes from the seems
ABut I'm not a fucking lion I'm a drunk with a dream
DmAnd I'm a million miles from everything
I thought I'd become I've lost all my faith in the Lord above And if I work real hard and keep my convictions I could still fail and satisfy everyone's predictions
A#So I drink to stay numb
But I sing to stay alive
GAin't a shot big enough to keep me satisfied
A#No rhymes smart enough for me to save my pride
AThere's a fire burning in me that I cannot deny
Dm A# G A# AYeah
DmAnd no I ain't preaching shit
All I want is to be able to make enough money with Music to quit waiting tables
DmAnd my Blood runs cold
As I try to comprehend The words we diefied that are creations of men
A#I'm just a hopeless romantic with the focus
Gon hopeless, writing love song after love song
In the hope that I can cope with
A#The truth of my reality
But It's hard for me to swallow
AThe realest love I know
Is between my liver and a bottle
DmDecidedly rough I have confided enough
I am forever in possession of unrequited love
DmSo I tether my confessions
To the words I supply I would rather die alone then settle for a lie
A#Because I'm a dying breed
The extinction of a race
GSeparating heads from shoulders
So I can spite my face
A#Been coming around looking for the right sound
To escape from the mold that I've worn in the ground
AWith the walls closing in on my coffin of sin
I would like to explain but before we begin
E# AIf you're waiting for me to fall
DmTake a seat and hold your breath
It's almost last call
A#And I'm just one shot away from an early grave
GI've been running at a pace I can't maintain
A#There's a demon living in me that's controlling my brain
GA Poison running through me that I'll never contain
DmSo I siphon it off with a mic and a pen
But the growth is exponential, it's drawing me in Acting inconsequentially I'm lost at the same
AYou call it White boy's reggae I call it "Sanity's End"
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