Im Still Here chords with lyrics by Cady Groves - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Cady Groves – Im Still Here chords

Cady Groves <3
"I'm Still Here"
Tabbed by: Houston Ladd
         ^^ for any corrections

Standard Tuning- capo 4th fret
strumming is unique so just listen to song

Chords used:
A-   002233
C-   032033
D-   000232
Em-  022033
G- 320033(always add the top 2 3rd frets except for D on this song)
Intro/Verse: G D G Em G D G Em
G D G Em I got sunshine in my pocket
G D G Em I gotta sucha whatta perfect day
G D G Em I'm feelin kinda worth it
G D G Em G D G Says the smile on my face
Em A C It's written on my face
G C I dont know where I'm goin
but i'm bound to see
Em D what i'm capable of bein
if the worlds takin me
G C and i know, he knows, she knows, we know
Em D cant change history, but history is what's changin me
G D G Em hey, it's changin me
G D G Em Verse 2:
G D G Em I got my heart tied in my locket
G D G EmI gotta dolla to my name
G D G EmI made em both a promise
G D G Em G D G that they're not gonna go to waste
Em A Cno not today
Em G D G Em G D Gchangin me
Em G D G Emchangin me
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