Calaisa – You Are Mine tab


Capo 4 - Chords relative.

From her debut album, Spoons.
Where D is used there's a hammer on from a Dsus2 (x00230) on to a D (x00232) then 
movement to Dsus4 (x00233) and back, but as the song is picked, a D would be a good compromise

-you wore your clothes in bed
         G     G/F# Em7 Em  A
-and the stars came out for miles
 Em                 A
-sweet and soft and heavy as lead
     Em              A                 D
-you roped your arms around me and you smiled
-well all the strength in the world
          G    G/F# Em7   Em   A
-couldn't hold my   tears that night
   Em                          A
-I held onto you 'cos you were going away
-and you just lay there
-you didn't even realize

/well my love, I love you
     Bm   A  G
/goodbye, so long
     Em                     D
/farewell - for a while goodbye
     F#                          Bm   A   G
/and when you come back will you look for me?
     Em         A
/I'm serious, I love you
/and you are mine

-well I've never felt like this
-I'm confused and out of style
-I fall out with friends but they stay true
-they misguidedly tell me all I do is you
-but you've never let me know,
-should you ever love me less
-oh I hold onto you and you won't go anywhere
-and I just constantly tell you: "you're the best"

/well my love, I love you
/goodbye, so long
/farewell - for a while goodbye
/and when you come back will you look for me?
/I'm serious, I love you
/and you are mine x2
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