Calvin Russell - This Could Be The Day tab

This Could Be The Day

Riff 1, repeated throughout the song:

Am Em FE|------------------------------------------------|B|----0-1----------0-1---------0-1-------0-1------|G|2-2-2---2--0---0-----0-----2------2---2------0--|D|-2-----2---2-2------2---3-3--3--3---3--3---3----|A|0-----------------------------------------------|E|----------0-------------1-----------------------|
Intro: Riff 1 Riff 1: Hey what time is it ? What time is it ?
Riff 2: C Em Am G FE|---------------------------------------1---------1------|B|--------1-------0------1--------------------------------|G|------0-------0------2---------0-----2--2--2---2--2--2--|D|----2-------0------2---------0-----3-----3----3----3----|A|--3-------2------0---------2----------------------------|E|-------------------------3--------1---------1-----------|
It's the time to live free It's the time for us to be It's the time for us to see Riff 1: What time it is What day is it ? What day is it ? Riff 2: This could be the day For you and me This could be the day For love to be This could be the day When we (Riff 1) see What day it is When we see what day it is ... Solo:
Am Em FE|----------------------------------|B|-------010-0-----0-----1--01-0-10-|G|-2-- 2-----0------21-2--2---------|D|---2-------2---------3--3---3-3---| (2x)A|-0---------2----------------------|E|-----------0--0------1------------|
Am G FE|-0-0-0-0------3-3---------------------|B|-1-1-1-1---3-3-----1------10----------|G|-2-2-2-2---0-------2----2---21--------| Then Riff 1.....D|-2-2-2-2---0-------3--3---------------|A|-0-0-0-0------------------------------|E|-----------3-------0------------------|
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