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Camp Cope – The Face Of God chords


Bass: D x2


Bm D G x4

Verse 1:
Bm D I had to leave
G Bm Dbecause I had to
Gsay no and stop
EmMore than once
DWay too many
Gtimes And you
Emjust kept trying
D Gto change my mind
Verse 2:
Em DSo I left it
G Emwas 3AM And I
Dslept in the
Gmiddle of my bed
EmWith the comfort
D Gof my own choices
EmYeah I bet you
Ddidn't even think
Gabout what you did
Chorus 1:
ACould it be true?
BmYou don't seem like
A Gthat kind of guy
ANot you, you've got
Bm Athat one song that
G Bm DI like They
Gsaid he's got one
Bm D Gsong that I like
Verse 3:
Em D Now I don't even
Gknow why I went
Em DEvery light on
the way was
Gscreaming at me
red Now you've
Emgot me questioning
D Geverything I did
EmOr what would've
Dhappened if I'd
done one thing
G different
Verse 4:
Bm DAnd I saw it
Gthe face of God
BmAnd he turned
Dhimself away from
Gme And said I did
something wrong
BmThat somehow what
Dhappened to me was
Gmy fault You can
Bm Dsee it in apologists
Gand hear it in the songs
Chorus 2:
ACould it be true?
BmYou couldn't do
A Gthat to someone
ANot you nah your
Bm A G Bm Dmusic is too good
They said your
G Bm Dmusic is too good
Kept saying your
G Bm Dmusic is too good
They said your
G Bm D G(hold)music is too good
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