Camp Cope – Footscray Station chords

Intro: E B G#m B E B F# x2

Verse 1:
EAs you kissed me under
Bthe influence that
G#mnight it was Christmas
B EEve You said to me that
BI was the strangest
G#mcreature you had ever
F# Eseen We made love on
B G#mdirty laundry awkwardly
Blistening to David Bowie
E BAnd you closed your
G#m F# E B G#m B E B F#eyes and I said goodbye
Verse 2:
E BAnd all my life I never
heard a man that can
G#mmake a guitar sound
Blike the way you can
EOh I saw a cross on
B G#mthe wall Found myself
in St. Vincent's
F# hospital Screaming
E B"I don't want to die
G#min this place Or leave
Bthis world in such a
Estate" I always knew
Bit was never my fate
G#mCause the only constant
F#we've ever known
Ehas been change
Chorus 1:
EAnd our house got robbed
B G#magain They stole Tom's
Bbike and a GPS And I'm
E B running home again from
F#Footscray Station And
Edon't bother stealing my
B G#mwallet because I'm still
Bearning minimum wage
EAnd don't even bother
Bstealing my phone because
G#m Bthe screen is cracked anyway
E BAnd everything I ever cared
G#mfor before was lost in
F#the fire so long ago And
E BI moved away from home
G#m F# E B G#m B E B F# Ended up outside Franco Cozzo
Verse 3:
EWhen you close the door
Bbehind you it sounded
G#mlike you couldn't wait
B Eto leave Well I know I'm
Bnot that stupid please
G#m F#don't try to patronize me
E BNow you've made your bed
G#mNow let her fuck you up
Bin it And fuck you over
E Bin it And fuck you around
G#m F#in it All over and over
Eand over and over again
Verse 4:
ENow there's blood on
BScott Morrison's hands
G#mThere's a rally in the
Bcity if you want to meet
Ethere I'm running as fast
B F#as I can to Footscray Station
E B G#m BThe sky is stained by the city
EYeah it's not pretty but it's
B F#exactly what it deserves oh
E Banother The sky is stained
G#m Bby the city Yeah it's not
E B pretty but it's exactly
F#what it deserves
Chorus 2: Beat changes
EAnd our house got
Brobbed again They
G#mstole your phone
Band the cigarettes
EFrom our cozy little
Bnest near Footscray
F# EStation Well the walls
Bare paper thin And the
G#m Btrucks are loud so I
Ecan sing Well I want
Bto be here more than
F#anything And then
E B G#m Bthere's you And
E B F# E(hold)lentils too
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