Camper Van Beethoven – Sweethearts tab

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From: John Fail 
Subject: TAB: "Sweethearts", Camper Van Beethoven

Opening/Repeating riff:

play twicee-----------------------------------------------------|---------------------|B----------------7----------7-----8h10p8p7--8-----10p8|:--7-----8h10p8p7---:|G--6-6/9--7p6h7-----9--7------7---------------9-------|----7----------------|D-------------------------7-----7---------9-----9-----|:-7-----7-----------:|A-----------------------------------------------------|---------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------|---------------------|
Riff A: Riff B: Riff C: Riff D:e------7p5-------------|--------|----19p17---------------|-------------------|B---7------7p5---------|--------|-19-------19p17---------|-5--7--8-----------|G---------------7p4h7--|-4///6--|----------------19p16h19|-------------------|D----------------------|--------|------------------------|-------------------|A----------------------|--------|------------------------|-------------------|E----------------------|--------|------------------------|-------------------| SLOWWW!! (riff a one octave up)
And now, the song structure (hope I got this right!): F#m G D/Dsus2 A/Asus2 'Cause he's always living back in Dixon G D/Dsus2 G Stuck in 1949 A D G D G D And we're all sitting by the fountain, at the five and dime F#m G D/Dsus2 A/Asus2 'Cause he's living in some b-movie G D/Dsus2 G The lines they are so clearly drawn A D G D G D In black and white life is so easy and we're all coming along on this one (repeat opening riff) Cause he's on a secret mission Headquarters just radioed in He left his baby at the dancehall while the band plays on - some sweet song. And on a mission over China The lady opens up her arms The flowers bloom where you have placed them and the lady smiles just like mom (repeat opening riff) Angels wings are icing over (play riff a) McDonnell-Douglas Olive drab (riff b) They bear the names of our sweethearts and the captain smiles as we crash Cause in the mind of Ronald Reagan (riff c) Wheels they turn, gears they grind (riff b) Buildings collapse in slow motion, and trains collide (riff d) Everything is fine (riff d) Everything is fine (riff d) Everything is fine (end on a D) "It's quite interesting, you know, the number of biscuits that are named after revolutionaries. You've got your Garibaldi, of course, you've got your Bourbons, then of course you've got your Peek Freens Trotsky Assortment." "Revolutionary biscuits of Italy / Rise up out of your box! / You have nothing to lose but your wafers / Yum yum yum yum yum!" - Alexei Sayle ------John Fail--------------Give me a command line or give me death!------
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