Canaan Smith - We Got Us chords

Guitar Tuned a whole step down.  He plays the A chord with the B string open


EHere we are making all out big plans
AJumping way into the deep end
E AHey girl, why don't we just leave tonight
EPack it up, drive until the road ends
AFeels like this could be the moment
E AWe've been waiting on all our lives
G#maj You know where both ready
AIt may sound crazy
B ECause we have no money
A ENothing on our own honey
A EGot you daddy all worried
G#maj BCause times were tough
B EWe got love baby
A EDont sound like much maybe
A G#maj BBut there aint no way thats no enough
A E, A, E, A, E, B Cause we got us
A G#majWe've come too far to turn around
A G#majNothing can stop us not now
A G#majOne day were gonna laugh
Bat the way we used to be
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