Candlebox – Cover Me tab

CoverMe (parts anyways)  
By CandleBox 
Transcribed by kelly Kristek

This is the best i could make out of it..
the beginning and verses are like this

Em  G  D  C

Em    G        D             C
Cover me   and   I walk alone 

Just sound the chords over the verses like on 
the cd its pretty easy once you get the hang of it. 
And also if you want to be extra close on the D note 
you can play it like this..

The chorus is something like this like this D G Miiiiiiiind G D G lost my miiiiiiiiiiiind D G but you cover meeeeee G D Wont you give me D G Shelter from the storm the part that comes right after this i am not sure about but here is how it sounds to me
--===Chords===-- Em=x22xxx G=320003 D=xxx232 C=x3201x (that is how I play it `easier')
Under the solo------------------------------------------------------ Reapeat a bunch-2--5--4--5--7--5--2--5--4--5--7--5--0--3--2--3--5--3-
If anyone has this song done like from a guitar mag or has the solo please mail me with it! thanx..
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