Crystal Ball tab with lyrics by Candlemass for guitar @ Guitaretab

Candlemass – Crystal Ball tab

This is a better & easier to play tab of "Crystal Ball", the main riff.
I'll only tab more of the song if someone would request it. (btw I don't know if I'm 
to tab the solo...)


|----------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------2x faster as first 3 first notes-------------| |----------------------/--------\----/------\--------------------| |-------------5-------/6--5--6--5\--/--------\-------------------| |---------3-------4----------------/6--5--6--5\------------------|Fingering:[1] [3] [2] [4][3][4][3] [4][3][4][3]
This riff is used 4 times in the intro, but it's also the main riff in the whole song. Comments welcome, ratings very welcome Brandon Leigh
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