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Candlemass – The Killing Of The Sun tab

Song: The Killing of the Sun
Band: Candlemass
Album: Psalms for the Dead
Tabbed by: TrollFaceJesus

Hey everyone, this is my tab for this song, and for the most part I think it 
sounds pretty decent. The only part i'm not 100% sure about is all of the 
"riff 3" stuff (you'll see it when you get down there.) Some of the notes the 
guitar plays there are really quiet and hard to hear, but I think the way I 
have it tabbed is at least fairly close to how they play it in the song. 

Anyway, I hope you guys find this tab to be helpful! If you have any comments, 
questions, or corrections to point out, please feel free to leave a message 
here, or to send me an email! :D

Tuning: C#

Riff 1a|----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------||--2--4--4--4----------------2--4--4--4--------------| x1|--2--4--4--4----------------2--4--4--4--5-----4-----||--0--2--2--2--5-4-5-4-5--4--0--2--2--2-----0-----0--||----------------------------------------------------|
Riff 1b|----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------||--2--4--4--4----------------2--4--4--4--------------| x1|--2--4--4--4----------------2--4--4--4--------------||--0--2--2--2--5-4-5-4-5--4--0--2--2--2--------------||----------------------------------------3--3--2--2--| . . . .
Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1
Riff 2|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||--7--6--6--6----7--6--6--6---------| x1|--7--6--6--6----7--6--6--6--5---4--||--5--4--4--4----5--4--4--4--5---4--||----------------------------3---2--|
Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 2 x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1
Riff 3a|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||----------0-----------0------------| x1|------2-----2---2-------2-----4----||----2---2-----2-----2-------4---4--||--0---------------0-------2--------|
Riff 3b|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||----------0-----------0---------4--| x1|------2-----2---2-------2-----2----||----2---2-----2-----2-------2------||--0---------------0-------0--------|
Riff 3a x 1
Riff 3c|---------------------------||---------------------------||----------0-----------0----| x1|------2-----2---2-------2--||----2---2-----2-----2------||--0---------------0--------|
Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 2 x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 Riff 1a x 1 Riff 1b x 1 After this, the song fades away into silence. And that's pretty much it! ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | v vibrato | + harmonic | ยท Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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